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No record from Contour 2?

So I was a pretty heavy user on the Cox Connect app.  I really liked being able to set a recording to my DVR from the app.  Now today it will not open and I was instructed to download the Contour 2 app.  I cannot set a recording to my DVR from this app.  Is this some kind of cruel joke?  Cox literally took one of the most useful features and threw it away.  I don't care about watching TV from my phone or tablet.  I just used this app for setting recordings and nothing else.  You cannot even look at the daily listings for a channel. 

Any idea on when Cox is going to actually make this app useful or let us maybe use the old app since it was actually useful?

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  • Hi bdcardinal,

    You are correct in that the new Contour 2 app does not allow for DVR scheduling at this time. The Cox Connect app, however, is still offering this feature by selecting the TV Listings option. Are you still unable to open the Cox Connect app? What device and OS are you using?
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