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no picture

every time I turn my tv on I get sound but no picture. I unplug the mini box and plug it back in and it will reset and picture will come back on. What could be the problem.

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  • Hello Murfthsurf,

    If you press the guide on the remote, does the guide appear? What type of cables are being used to connect the mini box to the TV?

    Thank you,

  • I've had friends tell me the same thing. It must be contagious because my second TV with the mini box just recently started doing it too.

    It's connected by HDMI and I have switched cables and inputs to no effect. The guide does come up. Info, menu, and CC as well. Occasionally, simply changing the channel brings back the picture, but mostly a reset is required.

    My Roku, also connected through HDMI, using the same cable and input that the mini box video wouldn't connect through, always appears as expected.

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    it is hooked up with a hdmi cable. when I try to bring up program guide it blinks on then off.

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    Funny, I've been having the same problem for about a week now too.  I have to unplug, then re-plug in the mini-box.  I thought it was just me, but my mother from across town just called me and said she has the same problem.  Hopefully Cox is checking into this.  We have both had the mini-box at least 6 months now and neither of us had this problem before.

  • San Diego market here. Things have changed a bit. The TV still always comes on with audio but no video. Pressing the guide button brings up the guide and the PIP like video in the upper corner. Pressing guide again brings full screen video as expected. It does this every time. An improvement to be sure. No reset required. But still...


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    I just started the exact same problem. Turn on the TV, tries to come on, but the picture screen goes black and the sound is perfect. Sometimes, unplugging, then replugging will fix it for several days. Sometimes just one day. I liv e in the New Orleans area.
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    When you have that issue does changing the channel restore the video or do you have to reset the box to get it to work properly?
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    We have had this same problem on one of our TV sets for about 3-4 weeks. Our other tv for the last few months - blank screen but changing station will reset it and there is a pic.