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No output from YPbPr Component on 4240HDC

Analog audio output functions; component video - no.

I am connecting to the same component inputs on AV receiver formerly used (until last week) for an older Pioneer Elite DCD player/recorder, so I know the AV receiver's output from these inputs works.

QUESTION: Did Cox disable these output as part of its "all digital" move to try to force everyone to get an additional "mini box" if they need HD component feed from the cable box, or is the 4240HDC malfunctioning?


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    AFAIK, component output has not been disabled. The switch to all digital was a cable function, digital encrypted signals over the cable, nothing to do with the output of a STB. Also, the minibox doesn't have component output, only HD output is hdmi and SD is via coax. I would check the output settings of the box and make sure it matches the input expected by the AVR. It is also possible you have malfunctioning component ports.

  • Hi Wmcole,

    Component outputs have not been disabled on any of our cable receivers. The Scientific Atlanta Explorer 4240HDC receiver is capable of both Standard Definition and High Definition. A TV connected to a 4240HDC does not require a mini box.

    Are you able to get a picture when you connect the component cables from the 4240HDC directly to the TV, leaving the AV receiver out of the picture temporarily?

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    The TV, when hooked direct to the cox  Y Pb Pr outs said "Component Input - Check Cable".  So I pulled the media center away from the wall so I could get at the "rats nest" of cabling.  I swapped out the old cable (I think I had gotten it from Cox ages ago when I first got an HD box) - PROBLEM SOLVED.