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No Longhorn Network in Miramar Beach, FL

I recently upgraded to the sports package 2, which according to the cox website includes the LHN in the Destin, Ft Walton and Sandestin area. After hours with Sales and Tech and a service visit no one knows why I can't get it on channel 713.

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  • Hello golfrtk,

    Are you receiving an error message when you type in that channel number?

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    NicholeC, I get a message saying the LHN is temporarily off air, check back later. I also can't view the LHN on the WatchESPN app on my mobile. I can log in as a Cox subscriber but when i navigate to the LHN channel it says i'm not authorized.

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    Is the cable straight from the wall to the receiver or is there a splitter? Are you logging into the app using the primary email address on the account?

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    StephanieA, yes there is one splitter but the service tech did not think that was a problem plus I receive all the other channels in the sport package fine. Yes i log on correctly.

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    Has the channel worked previously then it started having issues? Does this happen on more than one TV in the home? We'll need to look into this a little further, can you send an email to with your account information? Thanks!