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No Internet on TV cable

I have two cable outlets in my home.  One has the Internet.  The second outlet has the cable TV only  The Phone modem will work on the Internet outlet, but it will not work on the cable TV outlet.  It seems like there's some filter on the junction box that disables internet on the second cable outlet.  Can I get the phone modem working on the outlet with the cable tv by using a splitter.   Will this did not work unless the outside junction box has the filter removed?

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  • Hi NoSignalon2,

    It's possible that the outlet where the TV is connected has a external filter that blocks the internet signal. Are you trying to connect the phone modem to that outlet via a splitter?

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    Yes, I wanted to use the cable tv outlet for the phone modem because of its more convenient location.  (DPQ3212 modem) 

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    The telephony modem can only be moved by a field technician and has a one time charge of $60. If you would like to make an appointment, please email us at with the account details and your request.