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No help from Cox

We will start this rant with a little background information to make this as clear as possible. In June 2016 I had new neighbors move in and request cox as their ISP/cable provider. Living in a rural area we often have to have a bury crew come out and run new lines from our houses to the main box across the street. In my particular area they have to use a special machine and drill under a two lane residential road. While doing this for my neighbor the bury crew cut my line. I know this because as they were out there drilling my internet went out. I had the tech crew come out and test the lines from my house to the street and then from the street under the street and to the main box. The area from the street and under it to the main box had been cut as no signal was passing. The tech crew stated they were unable to pass a line through with a snake and a bury crew would be needed. This is where all help from Cox ceased to exist and I was left with sub par connection. To hold me over the tech connected me to my neighbors line and added and amplifier because the signal was weak. The tech then said he will drop off the paper work for the bury crew and blue stake to come do their work. I have been stuck at this step since June 2016 with my 5th visit from a on site tech for this issue coming up tomorrow. Below are the listed dates of their visits. 

Work order 140043847 6/14/16 ,

Work order 140239289 6/22/16,

Work order 141126341, 7/29/16,

Work order 144094090, 11/18/16

Work order 147474549 which will be completed on 4/21/17

Each time they visit they state a bury crew and Blue Stake will be notified and work will begin in a few weeks. I have had Blue Stake out once but other than that nobody has ever come to bury and drill for a new line. The bury crew sent out by Cox for my neighbors line cut my line and Cox has done little to noting to resolve this problem. I have called now 5 times asking for a bury crew and each time I get a on site tech sent to my location who tells me he will put in the work order for the bury crew. No bury crew has come back. I have had sub par internet connection and getting much slower than advertised download/upload speeds. I am paying for Cox Internet Premier and not getting those speeds. I want my own dedicated line and the speed I am paying for. I would also like reimbursement for all the months I have been paying for cox premier and not getting what was advertised and told to me by the techs. I have ran many speeds tests and they are rarely even half of the advertised speed. 

Hope somebody from Cox will read this and be able to help. This has been going on for too long. I have had cox before and would like to stay with their service if they can resolve this situation.


Alex W

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  • Hi Alex90,

    Thank you for posting. I'm sorry to learn of the troubles you've had! I'd like to reach out to Field Leadership. Please send an email to and please include your full name, address, a good contact number, and the link to this thread.

    Thank you,