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No DVR functionality on some channels

I have a Record 6 DVR. I discovered that there are several channels where DVR functionality does not work. While watching one of these channels it will not buffer so I cannot Pause or Rewind. I can only watch in real time. If I try to start recording the channel, I get the normal prompts but no recording happens. Afterwards, the program shows up in the Missed Recordings section stating "Recording failed because we experienced some technical difficulties". If I schedule a recording on one of these channels, the recording happens without a problem. I can even Pause or Rewind & return to live while it's recording.

So far I've only discovered this occurring on about 8-10 channels. There may be more but I haven't tested every one. On most channels everything works as expected. There is over 50% free space on the drive. I've tried resetting box several times. The problem still persists. Since this is only happening on certain channels, it suggests it's a software glitch opposed to a hardware problem. Is there any way to fix this short of replacing the box?

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  • Hi, what are the channels that you have noticed so far? Have you already power cycled the cable box, if not please restart it so it will download the information to the cable box again. Also, check for loose cables to make sure they are all at least finger tight. Let us know if this helps the issue.

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    Below are the channels I've discovered so far. It is a consecutive block of channels. I haven't gone through every channel to test, so there may be more. The few channels before 1352 work when I test. The channels after 1376 are not part of my current subscription.  I have power cycled the box many times. Whenever I run into an issue, I reset the box by switching off the power strip the box is plugged into. I wait for a few minutes then turn the power strip back on and wait for the box to reboot. Doing so has not resolved the issue. Checked the cables and they are tight & secure.

    1352 Fuse
    1357 MTV2
    1360 FYI
    1361 Viceland
    1363 DIY
    1366 UP
    1368 Esquire
    1369 Disney Jr
    1371 NatGeo Wild
    1373 Cooking Channel
    1374 GAC
    1376 ESPN Goal Line

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    It is odd that it only occurs on certain channels. It may be time to see about having a technician come out and take a look.