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No cox email on my smart phone after password change

I recently changed my password to login to my Cox account and Cox email. While that was a successful change, I can no longer get email on my Samsung smart phone. No matter the application, I get the same error: "Unable to set up account - Authentication failed". I'm using the native mail application on the Samsung Galaxy I get the same message when setting up email on other mail applications on my phone as well, such as Google Mail and Microsoft Outlook. I can get my Cox email from the Cox Connect application on my smart phone. I have tried allowing the settings to auto-configure, as well as IMAP and POP/POP3 Any assistance or suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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  • Hello,

    Sorry to hear you're having such trouble after the password reset. Did you also update each device with the new password in the settings? If so, is the password that you reset to a new password that hasn't been for that ID in the past?

    Thank you,
  • Thank you for your quick reply: I access my Cox email through two laptops and one smart phone. The laptops accept my password change and allows access to my email account. As a step, I removed my from my email accounts in the smart phone mail application to see if simply starting again would resolve the issue. The result was the same: "Unable to set up account - Authentication failed". I found on one of the Samsung forums that clearing the cache may resolve the issue, but that didn't work as well. To answer the second question. The smart phone has never received email since the password change or allow me to setup the application again. I even tried using the old password in case it was cached and would authenticate
  • Internet Mail,

    Is the email address you are using the same on you've used to register for forums?

  • Internet Mail,

    I think I've found your account. It looks like you recently reported another problem with the user ID. If I have the correct account, these problems are related. There was a ticket put in then. Does this seem familiar to you?

  • Internet Mail,

    I've escalated this to get the login corrected. Once it's been fixed I'll let you know.

  • I have a working email account on It's when I try to access my email on my smart phone is when I get "Unable to set up account - Authorization failed". Am I following your directions correctly?
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    Hello Internet Mail,

    We want to pair your email account to your login. Please proceed to and sign in. Once signed in, click on My Account in the top-right corner of the webpage, then select Profile and Preferences. Once the new page loads, select the Users & Email Accounts tab, then click Create Email account. Please let us know the results.

  • My apologies for the late response. I created a new email account according to the instructions in your last reply. Sadly, I still get the "Unable to set up account - Authentication failed". I appreciate your time and I hope to find a resolution soon. I thought this would be a common problem I could find with a Google search, but there's nothing but suggestions for IMAP or POP3 settings, which I've tried.
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    Here's a link with more information. Please confirm what setting you have in the client.