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No CID on transfer

I got so tired of the tediousness of the Cox Selective Call Blocker (my 30 number limit was full in a week!) I have now forwarded my Cox landline phone to my cell. ALL the time. If the caller doesn't leave a message - or if they do and it's a solicitation - they get blocked. It's a one press function on my iPhone. And it has dramatically reduced my spam calls. BUT I have now learned that Cox does not forward the NAME data from Caller ID on a transferred call. If I have the number set up in Contacts, it shows whatever I programmed, but if not, all I see is the phone number, city, unknown or zeros. Imagine my fury when I found out that several of my friends can't call me because I have blocked their numbers! The Customer Support person at Cox was clueless about this. I believe this feature must be controlled in the Cox switch? Any others experiencing this annoyance? Could it be my iPhone not able to accept the name, just the number and city? And, more importantly, any AT&T customers who are getting the whole CID data when they forward to cell?