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NHL Center Ice

I live in Hutchinson Kansas and would like to know why NHL Center Ice is not in HD.  Pretty sad that it is not.  Thanks.

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  • Hi Bryce,

    NHL Center Ice games are offered on channels 791-804 (SD) and 2791-2799 (HD) in Kansas. The HD channels for this sports package use MPEG-4 formatting and require receivers that support MPEG-4 video and can tune above 860MHz-1GHz.

    It sounds like you may currently have a Rovi HD receiver or Rovi DVR that is only capable of decoding MPEG-2. In order to view the NHL Center Ice games in HD, we’d just need to swap your current receiver or DVR for a Contour receiver.

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    I have a question about the programming on the NHL Center Ice package for the 2016-2017 season. I'm in North Central Florida and unlike in years past, there are no re-runs or replays of the day's games. Used to be that every single NHL Center Ice channel would offer repeats after the initial live airing, later that evening, continuing throughout the night, even into the following morning.  Is this a new policy by Cox or the NHL to no longer show same-day replays of the games? The price for the package has remained the same, but without the replays its not worth it the cost, since you can only watch one game at a time.

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    Cox doesn't create any programming. We simply re-broadcast what is given to us when it's given to us. Have you checked the NHL Network channel in your market? It's possible that the games will be airing there instead.