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New Webmail App and Ipad

Besides echoing everyone else on this forum and off on how slow and clunky the new interface is I am just about fed up with the lack of usability on Chrome and an IPad. I’m sure the response is to get rid of my Apple product but that is not going to happen. It seems after calling tech support that Cox expects me to only work in landscape mode. When I am in MY preferred mode of portrait (as is the preference of most tablet users) I do not have access to the view menu. In order to change from looking at emails to now being able to select many for deletion I am required to make sure my portrait lock is off, rotate my tablet to no get to the view menu to turn checkboxes on or off and repeat over and over and over. Is this going to be addressed in an update? Also, will we ever learn why Cox pushed out and email client that is so poor in usability? Only have had Cox for about 30 years but this has left such a sour taste that other providers I thought were second may need to be looked at. Oh well. Happy Holidays to all Cox users and let’s hope for some needed changes in the next year.

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  • Hello,

    Thanks for the app suggestion(s). We appreciate all customer feedback so we can better improve the overall customer experience. 


    Allan - Cox Support Forums Moderator.