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new sports tax

I have just been told that I have to pay $5.92 in new taxes because I receive ESPN and other sports channels which I never watch. I do not want to pay a tax for "sports watchers." ESPN and other sports channels should pay their own tax.

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    The purpose of the Cox TV Support Forum is to allow customers to discuss technical topics related to residential Cox Cable Television services with other customers. If you need help with billing or other account specific issues, or would like to submit a channel request, please reach us on Twitter at @CoxHelp, visit us on Facebook, or at

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    PNR is justified to ask the question here and should get an answer from Cox.

    It's not a billing or account specific issue.  Yes, the Regional Sport Surcharge now appears on our monthly statement, but Cox informed us, for the first time, under the News From Cox portion of the statement.  News is information.  PNR is asking for information from the News From Cox portion of the statement.

    In accordance with the Cox Forums Terms & Conditions, Cox "provides access to various Forums to enable visitors to exchange ideas, tips, information, and techniques related to our products and services."

    In accordance with Cox Support Forums Usage Guidelines, a customer can "get information relating to Cox products and services" and "Support Forums Moderators who are always happy to help members with their queries."

    The Cox Support Forum is not just for technical issues.  My cable box also appears on my statement.  If I don't have a technical issue with it, I cannot ask a question about it?  For example, "Can I rent more boxes?"...or..."Can I exchange my box because it's old and ugly?"...or..."The receiver listed on my account, CSH4642, doesn't appear on your website."  Would a moderator dismiss those questions?

    I also don't like this surcharge and as a matter of taste, I too don't watch ESPN.  I only watch it for Monday Night Football; however, I can get the games via other media.

    To rid us of this superfluous surcharge, will Cox move the ESPN channels to their Sports & Info Pak + Sports Pak?

  • Hi, for more information please feel free to visit our webpage: I hope the information is helpful.

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    There are 3 parties in the article:  TV Providers, Regional Sports Networks and Consumers.  Cox negotiating with the networks on behalf of its customers is fine.  However, when the networks want more money and the providers adept at regularly increasing our bill, we're always set up for failure.

    If your negotiations with the networks fail, why not negotiate with us?  How many of us DON’T want Regional Sports Networks?  If it's over 50%, drop the network.  You'll lose the fans, but you'll gain the non-fans from other providers.  Send us a survey and honestly report the results.  Set a precedence, fight for your customers and make the news.

    And how did you establish $6 per subscriber?  What is the justification and calculation?  Did Cox inflate the surcharge for profit?  Won't the networks continue to "push the limit" and Cox to increase the surcharge?

  • Bruce,

    Thank you for your feedback. I've shared your input with the appropriate leadership for consideration.