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New Router/modem recommendations

I am looking for a new all in one modem and router. 

I do not want to spend a ton of money on it. 

Any Recomendations 

Looking at the 


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    Here's a list of our cox approved modems

  • whatever you do don't rent the panoramic modem/router from cox that thing is full of problems. What internet package do you have? Cause the modem part depends on which internet speed your paying for because of the amount of channel bonding it has. 8x4 channel bonding is for 50meg and below, 16x8 channel bonding is for 150meg and everything below. 32x8 channel bonding is for 300meg and everything below. The router part depends on how many devices your going to connect to it or if your a heavy dowloader/online gamer. And the modem has to be a docsis 3.0 modem for right now until gigablast comes out everywhere unless you have fiber running to your place. And definitely do not get a wireless n router they are worthless now. it's totally worth it to spend the extra money on a wireless ac router.