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New Remote does not work

Old remote stopped working. Got a new remote. It isn't working either. It powers the cable box on and off, but that's it. Cox Support said I had to program it and stepped me through several codes but it still doesn't work. I don't know why I would have to program a Cox remote for a Cox cable box. I'm not trying to program the TV.

Anyway it's a Cisco cable box and the remote number on the back is URC-8820-MOTO.

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    You have a Motorola (MOTO) remote & a Cisco box.  Per the instructions here, press Cable then SWAP and A at the same time until Cable blinks twice.  That should change it to work with Cisco.

    If the setup in the instructions don't work, maybe you have another bad remote or the problem is with the box, not the remote.

  • Hi, on the back of the remote, under the model number: Motorola = Press Cable, and then hold Swap & B together until the Cable key blinks twice. Try this to set the remote to the Motorola brand. Please let us know if this works.
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    Michael, why would the OP want to set it to Motorola if he has a Cisco box???????

  • My bad! Set up the remote using the appropriate instructions on the back of the remote for the brand of cable box you have... in this instance, Cisco. Thanks for the catch AllenP.