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New phone modem update

I've recieved flyers to update my phone service. I have the old NIU modem outside the house. I plan to get the Cisco modem. I already have a cable modem for the internet ( sb6141).As I understand it , all I have to do is connect the new Cisco modem line 1 port to my existing wall jack and my other phones will be operational. Do I have to activate the new modem? Do I need to disconnect anything outside on the NIU?



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  • Hi, you will need to call in and have the modem added to the account or have the store personnel add the equipment to your account while you are there.
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    Thanks. Do I have to disconnect the phone wires or cable connection to the NIU outside so it doesn;t interfere with the new modem?
  • If your NIU outside has a short modular plug, unplug it to isolate your house wiring from the outside world and you should be good to go.

  • Hi Rbob1,

    It is important to follow the steps provided in the letter. You can also schedule your free upgrade at