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new phone changes

I want to log a complaint about the new phone change over to digital modems.  There does not seem to be a place to email the company or a feedback form.

When I spoke with the customer service rep. today, she said that the phone equipment was being changed in my neighborhood and that I had to make an appointment to get the new digital modem. It is my understanding that this is a required changed; it is not optional, nor did I request it.   

After everything was explained, the service rep. said that I could purchase a back up battery for the modem.  Apparently, if the power goes out, this new phone set up won't work unless there is a back-up battery in the modem. This costs @29.95.   If i don't get the battery, and if there is an emergency and power outtage, I cannot use my phone to call 911.  The current set up of the phone doesn't shut the landline down if there is a power outtage. 

I think it is appalling that Cox is charging customers for this battery.  Some customers are seniors on fixed incomes or low-income people for which $29.95 is a lot of money.  If they cannot afford to get the battery, Cox is putting these people at risk in an emergency situation if their phones don't work due to a power outtage and if they don't have a cell phone.  Cox will then be preventing these people from getting necessary help in an emergency.

If Cox is REQUIRING everyone to switch to this new modem, Cox should include the back-up battery in the modem without charge.   think it is unethical to charge for the battery when it could prevent someone from not being able to dial 911 in an emergency.

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    I do believe last time I checked they are handling the fee on a case by case basis.  We too have the outside cox phone niu and haven't heard of our area being upgraded 

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    Hi, you may email us at, or reach out to us on Facebook and Twitter as well.  Every company in the telephone industry is switching to the digital telephone service platform, although personally, I agree with you.  I would rather it stay the way it was; however, with system upgrades and cost factors alike the change is inevitable.  Cox has sent letters advising of the upgrade, and like our competitors, we're in the process of making the changes.  If you still have your original telephone system, you'll receive a letter or email browser alert advising when the change becomes mandatory.  Cox has also made provisions for those customers who financially qualify to obtain a telephone battery without it being a hardship.  I hope this helps you to better understand why Cox is making the change.  Please don't hesitate to reach out with any additional questions or concerns, we're here to help!

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    CarolLM I think our issue is since we started out with NIU's and now being switched to modem/EMTA's we will have to pay for the battery were in the begining modem/EMTA phone customers received free batteries