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New PC and new cox email.


  I just replaced my PC and did not have the cox email ICON.  I went to the web site and save it on my favorites and then dragged it to my desktop.  The entire email window looks different and I'm missing about 5 or 6 saved emails.  My question is the web email and the home cox email the same?  Do they look the same?

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    What were you using for email on your old PC? A client like Windows Mail, Thunderbird, etc or webmail. If webmail, did you change browsers when you changed PCs? If you have used webmail all along, all emails should still be there on the server. If you were using a client, the missing emails may have been saved to the local client and no longer on the server, they would still be on your old PC unless it has been erased. I am not sure what you mean by "home cox email", was that the a client on your old PC?