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New OKC DRM Copy Protection on Local Stations with Digital Transition

Why are local stations now DRM protected in the Oklahoma City market after the digital transition a couple of days ago?  I am a FlexWatch (locals + HBO/Starz only) buyer using a cablecard for local content delivered through HRHomeRun Prime to my AppleTV.  Prior to the digital transition I had zero issues.  Now all channels, including locals are copy protected, so I can no longer use my cablecard +hdhomerun + appletv setup.  

Is this an oversight?  It would seem local stations (ABC, NBC, etc.) should still be DRM, copy protection free.  For some reason, KOCB HD (711) is not DRM protected and KOCB SD (11) is, so it would seem to indicate that its a simple manual configuration and easily correctable by Cox.  Many other posters in other markets indicate that their locals are also copy freely even after a digital transition.  Can you review the settings?

Thanks you.


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  • Hi InOKC,

    As part of the all-digital transition, channels in the OKC lineup were encrypted on July 12, 2016. As a Cox CableCARD customer, you should still have access to all of the channels to which you subscribe. Do you have a Tuning Adapter connected to your CableCARD device? You may want to go through the setup process for the HDHomeRun Prime and reset the Tuning Adapter to ensure you have the most up-to-date channel map.

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    It was configured correctly, but I reran channel scan last night and ABC, NBC, CBS, and CW are now copy freely, so we're making some headway.  FOX, OETA (public television), and Local 43 (KSBI) are still protected.  Can you check on those stations now?


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    Hi InOKC,

    I'm looking into the channel lineup settings to make sure they are correct and will let you know once I get an update. I apologize for the delay.