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New NetGear CM600 Modem and Netgear R8500 X8 WiFi Router - Not getting speeds I expected

Good Afternoon and thanks for considering my question.  I have been running an Artis 6141 and a Netgear AC 1900 WiFi Router for several years and have been getting 100MBS for speed.  My service is 150 Mbgs service.  This weekend I replaced my existing modem and router with a CM600 Modem and Netgear R8500 X8 WiFi Router.  Connected by Ethernet to the Router, I am getting speeds of  85 to 95, not the 150 that I am paying for.  I have reset the modem and all lights are green and everything is working well except the speeds are not as I would have expected.  Same as with the prior setup.  Any ideas?  Thank you. 

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    If you're capping out around 95 Mbps on a wired connection, it sounds like your computer only has a 10/100 NIC. Are you sure you're using a gigabit NIC?

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    Dangit, Chris beat me to the problem.  I had a client today that was capped at around 90ish Mbps - it turned out that they were using a bad ethernet cable, despite it being labelled as a Cat5e it seemed to only support Cat5 speeds...

  • Hi AZPC,

    Connect a device directly to the CM600 modem with an ethernet cord, reset the modem, and then run another speed test. What are your speed test results when the router isn't in the picture?