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New Myemail

Opened email yesterday and found that Cox had switch us to the newer myemail format. We have found that it is much slower loading and we can not control the number of emails displayed. How do we get back to the old format that worked just fine? No one even asked if we wanted to switch.

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    I was also surprised to open my email and discover the new format.  I am getting two of every email - anyone else having that problem?

  • The new email system is a piece of junk. Cox webmail has stepped 2 steps backwards.

    Whomever made the decision to go backwards should be demoted or fired. 

    There was literally no thought put into this decision for the CUSTOMER.

  • I have found that sometimes there are two identical emails on the server and only one downloads to me email client.

    other times ther is only one emIl on the server and it downloads twice.

    And there are other problems. You've just started your decent into ***!

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    I am adding my dime's worth to this discussion thread by stating that I absolutely HATE the new format!!  I second KansasGuy - no one asked us if we wanted to switch! Ditto other comments - the new email is a piece of junk, and you've just started your descent into  **** !  Whoever thought this crappy format up is a moron  and whoever approved the go ahead should be fired!  I'm so averse to even opening my inboxes that I'm seriously considering deleting them all and moving my email address to another provider. It's a short step from there to cancelling out our 25 year internet subscription with Cox and moving to another provider. We do have options you know.