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New modem, old firmware

I just upgraded to Ultimate service and as part of that, I also upgraded my modem to an Arris SB6183. During the call to tech support to provision the new modem I did a speed test and we saw I wasn't getting the Ultimate speeds. He scheduled a technician to come out and check the connection, but I would also like to have the modem as up-to-date as possible. 

The firmware level is currently SB6183- From what I've been able to determine, that's not the most current and has some bugs associated with it. 

Would it be possible to get an update pushed out before tomorrow?


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    Please email us your full address and primary name on the account to so we can check the firmware also include this forum link.

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    Just checked the modem and it's been updated to D30CM-OSPREY- 

    Thanks for your help!

  • I responded to your email earlier. It looks like it was updated automatically overnight. :)

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