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New issues with now thoroughly vetted email!?U

Have recently discovered new issues with this "my son could have written this better in 10th grade" email program.

1) if I have trashed an email in webmail, and emptied the trash, how does it get downloaded into my email client? Only to be deleted again.

2) I sometimes have an email that is in webmail twice, but it downloads once, and other times I have an email that sows once and downloads twice? 

I read on some thread that "all known issues have been fixed." 

And yet I see all these threads here and on Internet forums that have not.

and as of today...customers with the same issues we experienced with our involuntary conversion having the same problems.

why does cox NEVER learn from it's mistakes?


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  • Are you saying this webmail app suite only works properly if all mail clients are set up I map?

    i am I map on my phone & iPad, but pop on my desktop email client. It's an old one (Eudora)  & I'm not sure that's a choice. 

  • can i add one other issue?

    how long is it going to take for the spam filter to get back to what it used to be?

    it was one of the things that used to work pretty well.  now, most of what gets sent to spam is not, and lots of spam...including a "cox" phishing scam last week....goes right into my in box.

    i'm guessing the filter on the new app is starting from scratch?  pity they couldn't have carried that over.  oh well, in 24 more years it'll be as good as it was?

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    The entire email switch is a disaster.  Tons of SPAM, check boxes appear for no reason, slow speeds, terrible feel, and just basically junk.  There are few meaningful adjustments, virtually no instructions, and a platform that is not ready for prime time

  • Hi Socal,

    No, that's not what we're saying. As far as we know, the new Cox email platform works with both POP and IMAP settings. I believe Tiffany was simply suggesting IMAP as an option since you access your email from multiple devices.