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New H D Converter Box For Older TV's:

Sirs: We have been a loyal subscriber to Cox for 22 years. How do we get the new HD converter box that is going to be mandatory for older T.V.'s ?  How much is that converter going to cost per month? Do you just mail one to us or how do I get one? Can one be purchased privately (Ebay, Amazon) to own so I don't have to pay monthly fees. We are on Fixed income. If things get too expensive, then we will just have to discontinue Cox T.V. and go with an antenna, which I hear are pretty good for the H.D. frequency's.. Thank you and I will be waiting for your reply..Kent Beccue 

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    Kent, this is a public customer-based forum with only a handful of actual Cox employees who respond.

    To answer your questions however, a Cox Mini-Box is $2.99 per month, you will need one for EACH AND EVERY television you currently have hooked straight to the wall. You can pick them up yourself at any local Cox store or you can call Cox and have them mailed to you.

    There is no box you can buy off of Ebay or Amazon that would let you circumvent this $2.99 per TV rental fee. You could buy a TiVo DVR for several hundred dollars but you'd still need to rent a cable card for $2.99 in order to use it.

    If you're on a fixed income and only watch the local stations such as Fox, ABC, etc. then your best would be to get an indoor antenna to get free OTA programming - assuming you don't live in a very rural area.

  • As Chris says, if you live anywhere near town you don't really need the box unless you just have to watch non-local channels on 2 TVs.  For me, it is just two of us here and we watch one TV with the Cox DVR 99% of the time.  I do have another set upstairs and we just use it for local channels only anyway.  I just got an old "bowtie" shaped antenna and put on it and get over 40 channels in Phoenix.  Just not going to pay another $2.99 per month! 

  • No More Cable Bills:

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