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New Format?

I have no idea why the new format was implemented since it does nothing to make my use of it easier. How do I change it back?

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  • You can't change it back because it's an improvement... and if you don't believe that, just ask Cox and they'll tell you.

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    Cox simply doesn't care about its long term customers at all.  This unannounced website format "change" and alleged "upgrade" caused six and seven hour outages in my area each day since Sunday (that's five days and counting).  The site and the phone support readily acknowledged the outages and provided "helpful" fix times (right down to the minute) that were never accurate.  When asked whether the outages had anything to do with the website upgrades, no one would ever answer the question.  So what should we conclude about that?

    Instead of improving service, these "upgrades" have degraded it significantly.  I have had good service at the Premier level for several years now, but no more.  Now the so-called "Cox Internet Speed Test Tool" shows that I have 1Mbps download speeds and 1Mbps upload speeds!!!  That's a drop of over 150Mbps for downloads for no reason, without explanation, and for which there seems to be no technical fix or support.  This is truly barbaric service.

  • maxxm

    We did upgrade out email platform recently. That wouldn't affect your services in any way except for maybe a delay in receiving your email. Changing to a new platform is done at the back end and is completely unrelated to the cable signal going to your home. If you're still having issues with your Internet speeds I'd like to take a look at the modem and see what's happening. Please send an email to: and include your full address and the account holder's full name.

    Cox Social Media Support Specialist
  • Still not exactly giddy about the speed (or lack thereof) with the new format but hope that it will be worked out when the transition is complete.  There do seem to be some positives to take away- a main one being the way large photo attachments are handled.  The old format froze/crashed with large photos in emails but the new system seems to handle much more efficiently.  I'll give Cox credit for that.

    Also- we no longer need to log out then back in to receive new emails as the newer system regularly auto-refreshes.  I'd go so far as to call that a big improvement.  I wish Cox deemed its paying customers worthy of notification when these types of changes were afoot though and not force us to learn everything the hard way

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    Per your request, I have sent you three detailed emails with screenshots documenting the situation.  I have lots more of them too.  Please respond per the emails.  Thanks.  

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    Hi maxxm,

    I've responded to your emails and sent the reply to your gmail address as you requested.

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    And now the exact same problems are back again -- with your site telling me once again that "there's an outage in your area" that will be "restored" at 3:00 AM, or more than three hours from now!  Of course this is a scheduled outage by Cox whether you acknowledge it or not!  Please stop doing this without notice.  Some of us rely on the internet and really do not appreciate your scheduled activities that destroy ours.  That's really not a good way to run a consumer facing regulated business.  Thanks.

  • The purpose of the Cox Internet Forum is to allow customers to discuss technical topics related to residential Cox Cable, Telephone and High Speed Internet services with other customers. This appears as if you may need for someone to look into your account personally.  We can definitely be able to assist you with this.  Please reach us on Twitter at @CoxHelp, visit us on Facebook, or email by at Provide us the name on the account with the full service address with a link to this thread so we can get started.

  • Danny,

    you obviosly don't care about cox customers. This insensitive rebuke is NOT appropriate.

    all this new ..."send us an email" ** is designed to get the frustrated customers OFF the forums so no one knows what the outcome is.

    None of my experiences indicate this is for customer service, as none of my problems have been resolved this way.

    NOT customer service.

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    Cox works very diligently in outage situations to limit the amount of downtime experienced by our customers. Our normal maintenance window is between midnight and 6AM. Advance notice is not always practical; however, we try to let customers know when a major issue or a network update in their area will affect their service for more than one day.