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New format Cox Webmail very slow

Anybody else having the problem of the New Cox Webmail format running VERY slow? It takes one to two minutes to delete a batch of old emails. The old software was slow, but never that slow.

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    I can't even access it, won't even load. I get that they're apparently trying to push people away from using their email anymore but doing it the way they're doing now is kind of ridiculous

  • Laird,

    Do any of the emails you are trying to delete contain large attachments? If so, it might be beneficial to delete those first before you try to delete messages in larger batches.


    I haven't checked your account, has your email been migrated to the new platform? If not, it would explain why it won't load for you.

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    Receiving emails is also sloooooooooooooow.  It takes over 3 minutes to send myself a test email from my computer to my computer.  The rest of my family has switched to GMAIL because COX can't figure out hot to correct the problem..I will be joining them shortly if they don't get their &&&& together

  • Hello rum,

    The last thing we would want is to lose you as a loyal customer.  I'd like a bit more information to get to the root of the issue.  Can you try logging into and send yourself a test message from your address to your address?  Click Check Mail or the refresh icon to refresh the Inbox folder and let us know if the message is there.

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    Got switch sometime last evening, don't remember a change notice. New format stinks, there are several operation that take 1 to 3 more clicks to complete compared to the classic format. would rather had the option to keep old one if i wanted to use something that looked like outlook i would use it Someone need to pull there heads out before they lose a lot of older customers who don't like changes, we are not all tech geeks who need or like the "latest and greatest new thing" that comes out every 2 seconds. Please give us back the old format as an option before you lose my business!

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    The new format webmail is terrible.  Terrible is actually putting it mildly.  I can't get anything to load.  I finally was able to see my inbox.  It's hit and miss with this "Error The allowed quota on mail server "" exceeded."  Then if I can get the email to load, I can do anything else.  I tried to sort so I could go in and quickly delete things.  Well not "quickly".  I don't really know who's bright idea it was to change the format, but hopefully they've left the company and someone with a little IT knowledge can fix this mess.  Webmail was always slow, but now it's just pointless.  

    Does anyone know the trick to see the classic format?  I choose the radio button, but it still kicks me over to the new one.

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    Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but once you've been switched to the new format, there is no way back.

    I've been fighting this for weeks - rapidly coming to conclusion that Cox only cares whether you pay your bill or not, customer service doesn't seem to matter anymore.

  • jklivin

    Now that we've switched to the new platform we cannot go back to the old one. I apologize for any inconvenience this has caused.

    Cox Support Forums Moderator
  • If Cox could address the speed issues with the new platform I'd actually like it.  There are in fact a few things it actually does better than the old.

    My issue isn't so much with the particulars of Cox's services as it is with the fact that despite offering a collection of communication services, Cox cannot bring itself to touch base with paying customers when things like these changes or planned maintenance down times are to occur. 

    I suppose that in a business environment where there's very little real competition, attention to such details would incur additional costs for no real purpose or payback on Cox's end.  An annoyed but captive customer poses no real threat to the bottom line.

    Of course this is concerning an email platform and occurs in a business environment where everybody (including Cox!) is trying to push their customers/clients to go paperless.

    StephanieS said:

    Now that we've switched to the new platform we cannot go back to the old one. I apologize for any inconvenience this has caused.

    Cox Support Forums Moderator