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New Enhanced Email

After discussing the new enhanced webmail that replace classic webmail with both tech customer service and 2nd level tech customer service i would like to bring a few items to your attention that possibly are being overlooked…  neither level of CS could explain how to correct these problems...   i have an apple iMac computer with Sierra operating system and am using Safari as my browser…

1.  in classic mail I could go to a page where I could see all of email addresses in my account to make changes to them.  in the new enhanced I can’t seem to find where I can go to display all of my email addresses in my account and have to ability to make any changes I would like to.

2.  in classic residential webmail on the “settings” page go to “preferences”…. on this page there is a preference “Do you want to move messages to Trash when deleted” that if “Move to Trash” is selected…. no matter how old the email message is it will go to “Trash” . The new replacement enhanced webmail will not send old messages to “Trash” if they are over a few days old.

3.  when in new enhanced webmail inbox if you go to “Log Out” either under settings or on the log out icon if I click on either it only brings me to a blank screen trying to log out but never does.  I then have to go to another website to get out of webmail without knowing if I am really logged off of the webmail I was in.  If next log into "" I see that I am still logged into my account.

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    We appreciate your feedback and thank you for bringing this to our attention.  I have some questions just to get clarification on your concerns.

    1.  Are you referring to the page where you can change the passwords to all your email accounts under the Internet Tools page? This particular function can only be done while logged in under the primary account. This page is still available by going to the My Profile page by clicking on the Cox symbol on the top left corner while in the new Cox Email platform.  Then, click on Users & Email Accounts.  This section will list all your email accounts and you can modify each one.  Let us know if this is not the page or feature you were referring to.

    2.  While under the new email platform, I was able to delete a few emails that were 25 days old, and they were sent to the "Trash" folder. Are they going to a different folder for you? Are they just disappearing?  Are they staying in the Inbox?

    3.  I understand you're using Safari as your browser. What version are you using? Please ensure you are using version 8 or higher.  Just for troubleshooting purposes, do you have another browser you can try?  Here are the other compatible browsers:

    Google Chrome 51 or higher
    Internet Explorer 10 or higher
    Microsoft Edge 13 or higher
    Mozilla Firefox 47 or higher

    The new Cox Email platform has a setting where you can disable or enable automatic sign out. By default, it is set to disable. You can find this setting by going clicking on the gear on the top right -> Settings -> Basic Settings -> Automatic sign out.

    Let us know if I was able to address your concerns and we're here if you have any other questions.  I'll share your feedback/concerns once we get clarification on the issues you've come across with the new platform

  • Thank you for replying to my email questions.  what you sent makes sense but I am finding the following.

    1.  when I tried to get to my email accounts the way you are suggesting (I and using my primary administrators account) when i click on "Users & Email Accounts" I get the following message.....   " We're sorry, an unexpected error has occurred with this application. Please try again. If you need help, contact Customer Support or Live Chat for assistance. "   I have tried a variety of ways to get around this but no matter what I seem to do the message comes up.

    2. I tried deleting another old email and it did go to "Trash" this time...  thank you.   But I do loose the 5 or 6 old emails I lost initially and they are permanently gone...  and I wish I could recover them but that's live.

    3. I and using Safari Version 10.1 and will try using one of the others when I have time just to see if anythings works differently. I've changed my settings to sign out after 5 minutes to see if this is a good option as on "disable".  When I sign out it still freezes my screen except once or twice it has worked correctly signing me out?????  

    Again thank you for your feedback.  I will give the email accounts page some time and try again in a few days or more.   I can work with your answers.

    Thanks and have a nice weekend

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