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new email system

it dumps my emails whenever it feels like it .I have lost several important bill pay notices that I pay on the due has cost me two late payment fees.this is bs..cox needs to get all the bugs out of a new system before they roll it out on their customers. the old system worked great I guess that's why there getting rid of it. no help whatsoever from cox reps.??????

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  • What is the link to find how to view all past emails,  I can't see the full emails, can't Maximize the whole email. Not finding this format very user friendly. Where is the link to give me information on how to use this please. The girl I chatted with me sent me the linlk but lost the conversation. 


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    I used my browser to save/bookmark the webmail access link, but when I try to sign on to Cox enhanced webmail, the old link is useless and I get a message that I have entered the password incorrectly too many times.  They really need to hire better IT guys in Cox's Webmail department.  And their webmasters who set up the website make it extraordinarily difficult for a user to get to a webmail link.  And GOD FORBID that you should set up your own email client like Thunderbird or another client and you use a VPN.  Cox will blacklist your VPN's IP address, forcing you to take your VPN down or forcing you to abandon an email client. 

    Cox is spending huge amounts of OUR money, paying software engineers well for the sake of making our access to using their systems and services more difficult.  It's the responsibility of Cox Communications to provide VPN-friendly webmail and email to its customers that require such encryption.  Anyone who signs on to their bank account or credit card websites without a VPN turned on these days needs to have their heads examined.  Cox apparently wants all of us to go "naked" so they can see your true IP address and canvas fingerprint "thehell"out of your browser.  Another example of Big Brother?  You bet!

    Cox needs to provide a durable, functional link, that will work FIRST TIME AND allow you to access your webmail easily without scouring their Cox.Net website feverishly trying to find the darn link.  Using saved/bookmarked links simply don't work, they tell you to reset your password everytime.  I'm NOT going to do that just to get mail access. 

  • same here, can't see my e-mail in outlook only in web mail. been going on for weeks. what a crock. have not called them cause its all BS. from this forum I can see the REps don't know anything and can't/wont help. its frustrating as ***.