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New digital cable box and loss of TV, Amp Needed?

I have a 4 way splitter in the attic.  In the analog service days all the TV's worked.  Since I put this new Digital Cable box in the back room, the cable box fails to boot / start.  The error says to check the cable connections.  If I remove the digital cable box and connect direct to the TV I get the screen that "Cox has gone digital...".  So I know I am still getting signal to the TV, but not strong enough to allow the digital box to start. As I recall I do not have a "wiring" contract / service with Cox, so I would like to know if I could install a recommend Amp in line with this single set (or before the splitter) to get this one of the 4 sets working? 


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    try a different cable outlet, or box maybe a bad box

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    I did move this Digital Box and replaced a working one, and it worked.  So It looks like I have verified the Digital Box, and the cable into the room at least has some signal as I can get the Cox Message that they have gone Digital I need to get a box.  I have not moved the cable to a different splitter port yet.  Before I head up in the attic I would like a backup plan,, :)

    Thank you... 

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    Let us know how that works out for you. If the signal is not strong enough then we'll need to get a tech out there to correct this, keep us informed if you need any assistance.
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