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New Data Caps

So I have been a cox customer for years now and have always had the ultimate (Highest) tier internet.  Before this new enforced data cap came into effect you had soft caps (wasn't enforced) but the caps were proportional to the packages that you had.  My ultimate tier had a 4000gb cap.  This wasn't always the case though back in the day all the packages had the same 1tb cap, but the cox got smart and made them proportional and bumped mine to 4tb.

Is there any chance you guys will be going back to that style and making them proportional?  I see the data caps in my area are all the same weather you have the 300mbps down (ultimate tier) or the 5mbps starter tier, they all have the same 1tb cap.  

So that means if I have the starter tier internet to download 1tb at 5mbps I would have to max my bandwidth for a total of 19.8 days (24 hours a day) to reach that cap.

But if I have the ultimate tier 1 tb at 300mbps would just be a measly 7 hours.

Then you go about and justify all this and say, well for 50 more dollars you can have unlimited data (within fair use policies, still not unlimited)

I just don't get it, this just seams like another punch to the stomach to get more money.  Internet prices at 100 bucks is already high but then to charge a fee to have unlimited internet for 50 dollars more is just highway robbery.


(Hopefully this gets to the right people to possible make some policy changes within the company)

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    Hello MrYourMom,

    Thank you for contacting Cox Social media team. We have not received any notice of changes to the existing data plans. Thanks
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    >(Hopefully this gets to the right people to possible make some policy changes within the company)

    Ha, no. If it does get to the right people, they'll either print it out and use it as toilet paper or just laugh at it. 

    They're very good at completely ignoring everything that customers say and giving virtually zero effort trying to make us feel better: 

    That's 18 pages, with a few blatant lies from Cox, some platitudes and marked as solved even though literally nothing was done to solve anything.

  • karen

    i think mryourmom was referring to this notice we got a week or so ago:

    We are writing to inform you of an upcoming change to Cox High Speed Internet service in your area related to data usage.

    Your Cox High Speed Internet service currently includes a data plan of 1 TB (1,024 GB). Beginning 10/05/2017, if you exceed your monthly data plan we will automatically provide additional blocks of data for $10 per 50 gigabytes (GB), as needed. This will not impact 98% percent of customers, but instead only charges the heaviest Internet users. 

    To help you get accustomed to this change, you will be provided a grace period for your first two billing cycles after the effective date. You will not be charged if you exceed your data plan during this grace period.

    do you not know about it?  that WOULD be typical for cox.

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    Socal Transplant and MrYourMom,

    We're aware of the notices that were sent out about data caps. No we have not received any notice that there will be any changes to the New Data Plan.

    Cox offers a Data Usage Meter to help customers monitor their daily, monthly, and historical data usage. It is available in My Account and the Cox Connect mobile app. The usage meter is updated daily with usage from the prior day. The Data Usage Meter has been tested for accuracy by Cox and Netforecast, an independent third party. To learn tips and tools to help manage data usage, visit or to download the Cox Connect app. Thanks
  • guess i'm confused. are you saying the new data plan (which infers data usage) has no cap on data usage?

    is it something separate from our regular internet usage?  like we use for streaming? and THAT'S what is getting capped?

    in english please...

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    Socal Transplant,

    Cox offers the following two Additional Data Plans.
    a. Unlimited data for $49.99/month
    b. 500GB Additional Data for $29.99/month

    Cox attempts to notify customers via Cox browser alert, email, text message, or an automated outbound call when they reach certain thresholds in their data plan. Thanks
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    Now I'm confused.  Karen, all you did was restate the new policy.  You did not speak at all to the different tiers of internet and how their caps are all the same.

    All you guys did with these new internet changes, is sit back and say (and i quote), " How can we get more money from our customers for nothing?  I know lets reduce what they are currently offered then hold them ransom for more money if they want the service they previously had"  ....