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New Data Cap Charges

This new data cap charge is going to be a problem.

As people on the forum keep mentioning, no matter what tier of service you choose you are locked in at 1 TB (1024 Gb) of data usage. Lets pretend for a moment that this hike has nothing to do with "Cord Cutters". I am a gamer, and I work from home as a programmer. I often have to sync large websites to my home computer. Digital games can run upwards to 50Gb to download, not to mention for every game you own that needs updating you are forced to download 500 Mb to 20Gb so that you can keep playing it. For homes that have more than one gaming platform you get to multiply that. PC's that have to update, cloud transfers, and I am sure I am leaving out something -- if you are trying to combat "Cord Cutters", you are failing badly. With the rise of 4K platforms, your shoddy estimate of the current data cap accommodating '99%' of your customers is going to fall flat on its face.

While I can understand that I might be obliged to pay for more data, your current rate of $10 per 50Gb over the 1 Tb limit is outrageous. That is $20 per 100 Gb and $200 per another Tb. You don't even offer a way for us to pay for a larger data cap ahead of time. This is obviously a trap.

So either speed up your Gigablast expansion, offer your customers a way to pay for more data without it being simply absurd or prepare for your customers to start dropping like flies.  Caps don't aid congestion and flat-rate broadband has been perfectly profitable given recent reports.  So while I know this message will be mostly ignored, scoffed at, and maybe even responded to with some canned message, your customers should know this is PURELY a money move.