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New COX Webmail **

The new cox webmail is unbelieveably slow to load.  What is up?The older system loader faster.  The older system had page numbers and you could go back and find things.  Now it is just a big conglomeration of email.  Not an improvement!!!!

Not a happy customer.

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    zimm4er , We want to help. Are you experiencing these issues directly from the Cox web-mail ? Thank you. 

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    I agree with the previous poster: the performance of the new Webmail application is poor!

    1)  Terribly slow to load and initialize.

    2)  No setting or option to "Empty Trash" on logout of a session.  As a result, messages I delete keep building up in the trash folder until I manually empty it: a definite step backwards.

    3)  I enabled the check boxes so I could easily select messages for mass deletes, a task I did with no problems under the previous Webmail.  However, now, after the group of checked messages is deleted from the Inbox, the check box of one of the messages I'm keeping remains checked: I have to manually uncheck it to avoid inadvertently selecting it for a new action.  All check boxes should be empty after I've acted on the ones I selected.