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New Cox speed test?

I recently stumbled upon a new speed test page that is access from the My Account -> My Tools -> Internet Speed test menu (after logging in with my Cox credentials). The direct URL is This appears to be a very different kind of test from the other test that's been available for awhile and is powered by Ookla at There has been commentary online about the inaccuracy of Flash-based speed tests, which Ookla seems to use, but more important to me are the multi-threaded connections. A number of other speed test sites like, use only single-threaded connections for testing. The best is which allows you to specify how many streams to use for both the download and upload tests. To me, the single-threaded tests are more representative of my use cases.

The new Cox speed test shows similar results to the other tests which use single threads, so I'm guessing that it may use single threads. Cox's older Ookla test almost always shows 300/30 for me, whereas the new test gives me pretty inconsistent downloads anywhere from 100-200 down but consistently 11-13 up. I'm curious what others are seeing here. Anyone know how we could check to see if the new test is indeed using single-threaded connections? The fact that I'm not consistently getting 30 up on single-threaded connections is an ongoing issue discussed in another post.

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    it also shows your plan speeds so yo don't need to go back and check

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    The older Ookla test just has a selection for the "Cox market" and is pre-selected for my area (San Diego). The newer test shows the server that is tested (Los Angeles 1 in my case) and doesn't allow any way to change the server.

    The 2 tests are vastly different in how they work (Flash vs. Javascript), and I'm betting those factors have more to do with the different results than just the servers used for testing. Based on comparisons with other tests I've been running and trust, I like the direction that Cox is taking with the new test.

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    Performed one minute apart.

    Old test:

    New test: