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new cox email

Hello, I just got an e-mail from Cox announcing their new e-mail experience soon to be rolled out. Fine, I'm glad they are busy improving it. Dare I hope they have also improved their SPAM filters to minimize the extraordinary large amounts of false positives?

Every day I get several legitimate messages that Cox deems to be spam, and deposits them in my spam folder. Sometimes the same e-mail is tagged as spam by one Cox e-mail address but not when it is sent to another Cox e-mail address. The problem is so bad Cox might just as well not have spam filters at all.

I used to allow all such tagged e-mail to be automatically deleted. Once I learned I was missing important e-mails, I changed my options so now I manually inspect every one. Like I said, Cox might just as well not have spam filters at all.

So, will this new experience improve the spam filtering, too?



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  • Hi Tajkkj,
    We are excited about Our new email experience. Aside from the new visual updates that can be seen. Server upgrades have been made as well. I am not aware of any change this will make to identifying spam other than speeding up the process. We are continuing to upgrade our spam filtering process. The process of adding misidentified spam email address to your contact list within web mail is the best way to make sure that the emails are delivered correctly.

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    Thanks for your reply. It doesn't look like I'll get much relief then on the spam front. I hardly ever use web mail. I use POP3 instead with Mozilla Thunderbird as my e-mail client.