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New Contour Remote and Logitech Harmony One


I just upgraded to the new Contour which is using the Cisco 9865HDC receiver box.  I updated my Harmony software with the new device and adjusted my activities, but none of the buttons seem to work on the Harmony to actually control the receiver.  Even when I try and manually learn commands via the Harmony software, the only button it seems to detect is the Power toggle.  Other buttons like Guide, the directional buttons, etc don't pick up at all.  

Is this a compatibility issue with the new Contour remote?  Or am I missing something else?  I've tried adding and readding the device a few times in the Harmony software, and as I said manually learning IR commands don't seem to work either.  Any thoughts?  It worked fine with various older DVR's from Cox.  

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    Ah, found the answer.  Sounds like the new contour box is RF only.

    That **, I'll have to decide if I want to keep the "upgrade" then as I prefer controlling everything with one remote :(  

    Anyone have any sort of other solutions or workarounds to this?  

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    You may wish to check with Logitech to see if they have some sort of RF repeater for the Harmony.  The Playstation 3 gaming console comes to mind and they used to make such a device to allow the PS3 which was Bluetooth remote only to work with the Harmony.