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New Contour 2 record 6 DVR issues

ok I have a couple of things. First off I have had cox for many years and although I am not shocked but it is surprising cox is lowering it capabilities so much. The new contour dvr seems to be very restrictive and revolves heavily on the voice command, whoever made the decision to go with a fad and remove many functions from the remote and dvr should be fired I mean really keep the same capabilities and improve on them. Ok so here are my real issues, first we have a record 2 dvr and a record 6 dvr plus a small (client box). the record 2 and the client box were to be connected to each other and the record 6 dvr was to be a single unit and not connected to the others (stand alone). This is how we require it be done. We cant even set the dvr to invisible. techs have said it could be done and the tech that installed everything said it was set up that way ultimately it isn't. after calling tech support they were specifying it cant be done on the new box's. I requested a tech come out and confirm this info and do what ever is needed to get us what we asked. The rep said the request can be put in but I may have to pay $75 since the services were up and running. Obviously I'm not paying $75 to correct services that weren't installed correctly but the fact that was specified it shocking. the second issue we used to be able to change channels and then go back to a previous channel and rewind to when I first tuned to it. every time I change the channel it is always live tv no matter what. and is there any way to get rid of the stupid last channel multiple choice option I just want to hit the last channel button and go to the last channel not get hit with multiple choices.

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    I apologize for the delayed response. The new Contour system cannot be invisible on the MoCa network at this time. There is a difference in the technology and the capabilities you described, being able to change channels and rewind the show, is not possible with the new devices. I apologize for any inconvenience this causes. We do have a 30 money back guarantee and if you don't want to keep the new equipment, I can set up an appointment to have it swapped. Please email me at with the account detail and a link to this post.