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New Contour 2 Equipment Not Displaying On Screen Caller ID Banner

TV caller id is not displaying a banner any longer since Cox upgraded my equipment yesterday.  They installed a Contour 2 and client box.  All notifications are turned on including Contour voice and tv.  The caller id on my phones works fine.  I read a post in the forum from a year ago that Contour 2 was unable to support that feature.  If this is still the case, when can I expect this feature to be activated?

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    I have 2 Contour 2 boxes also put in yesterday.

    Had to turn of the caller ID as it was a pain.

    Works just fine.

  • Hello klm1,

    Contour 2 does support the TV Caller ID Banner. We can take a closer look at the account to determine a fix. Please email us at with your service address and name on the account. You may also include a link to this forums in the email message.

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    Yes It does! I had to turn mine off in the settings!

    Under voice settings

    Of course I must have some really new boxes,

    Do not see them listed on Cox site.

    I just talk to my remote.

    Caller ID was showing in upper right corner till I turned it off.