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New Contour 2 box, 1080P, second HDMI port on Pace XG2 cable box, componet output

Can  you tell me why the new cable box offers a 1080P setting?   To my knowledge no programing offers 1080P

other than BlueRay players.  Which normally gets connected directly to a second HDMI input on the TV, nothing to do

with the cable box.

My box,   Pace XG2 has a second HDMI cable port.  Can you tell me what the purpose of it is?

  I have been using a slingbox for many years.  I was disappointed the new Contour 2 only offered a lower grade video composite output

vs. 5 cable componet.  Now I have to buy a adapter with HDMI bypass to give me the componet signal for my slingbox.


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    I'm not familiar with the 2nd HDMI port's function however the 1080p is about accommodating the TV and potentially for some future-proofing. The lack of component outputs I believe is an issue with HDMI and content licensing restrictions.