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new channel lineup?

My last Cox bill promised new channels on August 2, 2016.

When are you going to post the new lineup?

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  • Hi mango jim,

    Thank you for contacting us via Cox Forums. We’ve reached out to our Video Management group to inquire of the status with the new channels that were to launch on Aug 2nd. We will follow up when we receive feedback.

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    I've had a slew of channels added to my guide listings over the past few days. Selecting them at random to see what they're all about I'm greeted with the "If you wish view this channel please call some 800 number to subscribe."  And presumably pay more for the privilege. 

    Settings. Preferences. Skipped channels. Check, check and check.

    No doubt these new channels were added to one of their paks, where to get one channel you'd actually watch and had value, such as BBC America, you must pay for the other 20 or 30 as well that have zero interest or value. Except to the content provider. They get paid by the advertisers on a per subscriber basis, not by actual viewers. This is what's going on when customers ask why they must pay for 200-300 channels but only watch 15.

    Remember folks, when concerns were raised from customers about Cox's going all encryption digital, particularly the renting of a compulsory mini box in order to do something we had done for "free" since the beginning, i.e., watching TV without a box, one of the most touted benefits, they said, was the freeing up of space so they could give us more channels, therefore actually adding value.

    Conspicuously absent in the this is good for customers defense was the fact that we would be paying more for what we already had (everybody knew that) and that this newly freed up space was to be filled with more channels that they would gladly allow us to watch, for a fee, of course.

    I do like watching TV though. From Texaco Star Theater to The Americans. So I've had to adapt to many changes over that 60+ years. I mostly go, "Eh", and continue as before. But once in a while they need to hear that they're not fooling anyone.

    Now, if the Feds would actually enforce Sherman and Clayton...


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    I've confirmed the channels are working at this time when you tune to them on the TV. Are you referring to the channel broadcasting or the channel listed in our channel lineup? It's possible that this channel will not be add to the lineup since it is only broadcasting for a specific amount of time.

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    more internet speed also not just tv channels