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New Account w/ 2nd Hand Modem, T3, T4, DHCP Errors

My father in law just moved to the area and is trying to get his account setup. I've been a Cox customer for 15+ years, so I went over to help him out.

He picked up an SB6183 second hand, and we got everything plugged in. The lights progress in the expected way, and we are seeing 16 downstream and 4 upstream channels bonded properly. 

However, we still can't get any device to get an IP address from the modem. 

Cox is convinced that there's a block on the line, but obviously we can bond channels, and even the modem reset tool works online. 

We can go buy another modem, but Cox doesn't want to try anything before a tech comes and looks at the node.

Anyone else have any experience like this with any info that might be helpful?

I'm wondering if this could be a firmware issue, just a bad modem, or is it a configuration issue on Cox's side.

I've included our power levels and error log below.

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    There's nothing in that screen shot that would indicate a problem. Keep in mind a cable modem is a bridge and needs to be restarted when connecting anything different to it otherwise it won't get an IP.