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netgear wireless cable gateway cg3000dv2 firmware upgrade

I have a netgear wireless gateway model n450 cg3000dv2. It intermittently disconnects computers and other devices. I researched the gateway and on the netgear website it clearly shows that the firmware version for cox is currently V3.01.06. My gateway shows v1.03.03, which is clearly way outdated. Netgear says the Cox has to upgrade the firmware, however when i called cox, they tell me that the version i have is the latest. this is CLEARLY not what the manufacturer says, and there is no way for me to upgrade the firmware outside of cox. The agent told me some mumbo jumbo about mine has a silver front and that one is not upgradeable to more recent firmware. I call BS. When i go onto the netgear site and put in my model, the picture that pops up is the very model i have complete with the silver front. 

Obviously i can'T MAKE cox upgrade my firmware, so is there an alteranative option. my 90 day warranty expired some time ago, so i see no recourse thru netgear. 

Is it possible that cox just hasn't gotten around to getting the correct upgrades for the gateway? 


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    Ha! This is what they do man, all to get you to rent one of their modems, you can garuntee that the modems they lease are a priority for their team to upgrade the firmwaer. The best is when they tell you its that your modem is probably no good anymore! Total clown show! Same thing with mine the, Netgear C6300...its not as outdated as yours but same exact issue! I'm sure they'll get to it eventually, hopefully well after you replace your modem with one of theirs rented through them.

    You could get something like and Arrris surfboard SB6183 and a router, you shouldn't have that issue anymore. But its another expense you have to shell out money for because Cox won't do its job.