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Netgear WAP/bridge not connecting to Arris TG2472G Router

I've had two media bridges on my old system working fine for years on FIOS, a Trendnet and a Netgear.  They are both dual band wifi, N900 class, and wireless A/C/N.  Good, current specs.  I just got Cox cable setup and at first NONE of the bridges were working.  These media bridges/WAP/ethernet extenders take a wifi signal and convert to ethernet out for clients with no wifi capability.  I use them in place of internal PC wifi cards.

Anyway, I got the Trendnet working somehow, but have worked on the Netgear (WNCE4004) for hours/days to no avail., resetting many times to factory, changing wireless on the router to "N" only and back to "A/C/N", reduced security level on 2.4 band to TKIP, changed the broadcast channels to 1 & 11 to reduce any interferences.  All to no avail.  The Netgear goes through its setup, accepts the security key and then at the very end it says the "Network is no longer available, move the unit closer to the source" or some such.  This is with the Netgear 1-foot away from the router.

Bought a similar WAP from Asus and it also works fine.  Do Netgear and Arris not play nice with each other??  The old FIOS router was Actiontec.

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    I am not aware of any compatibility issues with the Arris and Netgear devices. Do you have this issue with any other wireless devices? You've eliminated some possible culprits, changing the channel and the security types.