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Netgear security vulnerability and firmware update

There have been several articles lately about a new vulnerability for WiFi (KRAK) and the recommendation on every news article is to update the the latest firmware for your device but I can see that cox has not yet pushed the firmware update for Netgear modems.  Do we have any time expectation of when this will be happening, especially given the severe security implications involved?  If it was just a router I could do it myself but Cox has to push the firmware update for any modem effected from what I can tell.  I have the Netgear Nighthawk C7000 and it says it's on V1.01.18 of the firmware but the most recent release should be V1.01.23 or later?

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    We are working with our WiFi vendors to get updates with fixes as soon as possible. These updates will be done automatically when available. We do want to let you know that the attacker must be near the device to carry our the attack. Thank you for your patience through this as well.