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NETGEAR Gateway C6300BD is total **!

I was given the NETGEAR Gateway C6300BD from COX during install. I have to reboot the device about 4 times a day. The following issues are what I get:

- Denial of wireless connection on multiple devices simultaneously.

- Loss of internet connection with no logged reasons.

- Unable to connect to NETGEAR Genie once connected to the router.

All these issues occur at the same time on all devices (three PCs, 2 Dell tablets, 1 Android phone, and 2 iPhones). The current firmware version is V2.04.06. There are no options in the genie to allow me to update the firmware if I wanted to.

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  • Hi Nonya0992,

    Are any of your devices connected to the Netgear C6300BD with an Ethernet cord? I'm just curious if you have any wired devices that lose connectivity at the same time as your wireless devices. Does the Gateway's log show any instances of WiFi interference? It is certainly possible that the Gateway itself needs to be replaced. If it is under warranty, or if you are renting the Gateway from Cox, we can swap it for another device at any Cox Solution Store. Or, if you prefer, we can schedule a service call for you.