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Netgear CM600 - Beware! May not be compatible with Cox anymore!

I have Cox Ultimate and have been using a Netgear CM600. The CM600 was performing flawlessly for months, and delivering high speeds, until several days ago when Cox was reportedly performing some maintenance on their systems somewhere. After waiting over 24 hours, I contacted Cox technical support. The modem was now behaving strangely -- only locking on 16 of the 24 channels, and speed tests no higher than about 30 Mbps. Upstream and downstream signal levels were perfect. After much fooling around, they scheduled a technician for later in the day. In the interim, I went to the store and purchased a brand new CM600, swapped it out, and verified that it wasn't the modem -- I could duplicate the problem with a new one. So -- the technician arrives and after checking the usual things runs his own tests and experiences the same troubles. Even using a "hot wire" direct from the post out in the front yard, the CM600 (new or old) was delivering horrible performance. THEN he connected up an Arris modem he had in the Cox truck, and -- voila! -- 300+ Mbps again! Aside from the fact that I'm going to have to ditch a perfectly good CM600 and buy a different make and model (going with an Arris SB8200), it appears that something strange has happened on the Cox network, at least in Southern Arizona, that is turning the CM600 into a useless modem. The Cox network here, delivering a perfect signal level, can no longer cope with it for some reason and it appears Cox is throwing their hands up. Cox should seriously consider pulling the CM600 off of their "approved" list before more customers get slammed with this. AND...I hope they won't try to bill me for the technician's visit. That would add insult to injury.

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    I tried resetting the modem again however that didn't appears to help. I'm not thinking the problem is with the CM600 but rather this may be a simple issue of single modem failure if a test modem worked correctly. It may be beneficial to reach out to Netgear and sharing these findings to see if they have a solution.

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    A defective CM600 was ruled out.  I went to the store and purchased a brand new one, which had the same issues.  The Cox tech verified this through his own tests with both the original CM600 and the new one.  The only modem that worked correctly was the Arris in his truck.  At this point there doesn't appear to be any other option but to dump the CM600.