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Netgear C7000 Cable Modem - Firmware upgrade

I have a Netgear C7000 Cable modem.  I have the 50Mps internet package, but are only getting just under 10mps.

They changed the cable, i am getting about 7dBmV per channel, so my signal strength is good, and I have a Cat 5E cable going to my computer, (no Wifi) and have a ping of under 1ms to the router.  

The Firmware Version is V1.01.18.

Is there a newer firmware you can flash to, or go back a version to get the 50mps I am paying for?

I adjusted and played with the MTU and it should be at 1500.  I set it to 1400 and that made no difference.



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    For starters, I'd suggest resetting the MTU back to defaults otherwise you'll make speed problems worse.  I looked at the modem from this end and the only wired device I see connected is a 10Mbps Ethernet and the 2.4G wifi is reporting significant interference.  Do you have a PC with gigabit Ethernet that you can try testing the wired speeds with?