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Netgear C6300 Firmeware updates

Can someone advise as to what's the current status of the new Netgear C6300 firmware? How long after the vendors release the firmware does Cox push that firmware to endpoints?

I have recently experienced slow connection speeds and lackluster Wi-Fi coverage/range around my house. I wonder if a firmware upgrade would solve these issues. I saw on Netgear's website that the latest firmware for Cox is V2.01.18:

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  • Are you sure you can't update it yourself from the router settings?  I know I've seen a discussion on this before as in my 6300 from Cox has a selection in the settings for "router update."  I go in about once a month and check for updates.  Usually there is an update every few months.  When this was discussed before in another thread, some pointed out that this depends on the router version and area of the country.  I have the R6300v2 installed by Cox when I got Gigablast in January 2016.  I was assuming when I clicked the update button I got it directly from Netgear.  My firmware version is, and I just went to Netgear's site and they confirm that is the latest version.  I had no idea Cox put their own firmware out for these routers.  I guess I'm glad I can just update myself right from the manufacturer.  I tried to insert a screenshot but this site doesn't seem to work even though there is a link in the response field to insert an image.  

  • We can check to ensure your Gateway has the latest firmware. Please email our team at with your full name, address, and a link to this page.