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Netflix info says I need speed minimum of 25 meg to view 4k content.  Netflix account says my speed is 18-22 meg so I am not receiving 4k.  I believe I have premier package, 10/100.  Modem is brand new and Cox recommended. Why cannot I receive 4k?

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    Are you sure you have the premier package?  What make/model modem/router/gateway do you have.  How are you connecting netflix to your network, WiFi or wired?  As a test, connect a PC with gigabit adapter to the modem using an Ethernet cable and go to, that is Netflix speed test site.  What are you getting?  If you are using WiFi, do the same over WiFi and post the result.  First we have to isolate the issue to Cox's network or your WiFi network.  You can also do speed tests on Cox Internet Tools site and speedtest dot net.

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    Yes Premier..10/150.  I hard wired last night to see if would help the speed, it did not.  Modem is Arris Model SBG6700-AC.

    Speed  12.05 and 65.20

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    Download speed is first number and upload speed is second number.  Premier is not 150's 100/10.  However, both your plan and DOCSIS 3.0 modem are good for UHD.

    Have you exceeded your data cap?  Since it's close to the end of the billing cycle, you may have exceeded your cap and Cox is throttling.  Check the Data Usage Meter in your account.

  • @ Bruce,
    Cox does not throttle or shape internet traffic, including in areas where data caps are enforced. In most areas, we have already increased Premier speeds from 100mbps to 150mbps. Other markets should being receiving 100mbps on download, at this time. Upload remains at 10mbps.

    @4k Speed,

    What device are you using to stream Netflix?