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will cox ever get netflix on contour be so much easier only on hdmi on my tv

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    You wouldn't want a cable box processing your streaming videos.  Heck, it barely handles on-demand.

    If you need more ports, get an HDMI Switch.  I posted some recommendations here:

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    I just noticed Netflix listed in the On Demand menu under Networks. It tops the list in "Featured Programming".

    I also happen to be a Netflix subscriber through Roku.

    Now, whether viewing Netflix through Cox will be part of my current Cox plan or if it will count against data usage (as all Netflix/Amazon/Hulu does) is another story that I won't ask here as it will probably wind up being contradictory responses.

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    Hi chaloots,

    Using Netflix will count against your data. Only the Cox services (as in Contour app, Cox home-life, etc.) will not count against your data.