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This is a feeling not a question.

I've been a non stop customer of Cox since they began business in New Orleans in the 70's.  That is approximately FORTY-TW0 YEARS (42) - I call that a LOYAL CUSTOMER.

And I am now I am old on fixed income  just when I really need the safety of news for weather, etc. As I live alone.

I GET NOTHING but run around.  Store has told me on many occasion come back see me and I will put you back on promo out of your loyalty.  You go back and that person is not there any more or off or etc.  Then you call the so called Loyalty Customer line and they could care less.

Absolutely pathetic.  I'm going to frustrate myself one more time and go into store or call tomorrow and if I don't get any 42 years of loyalty service - then I will so with AT&T and take my chances because COX does not give a *** about my loyalty!!!!!!

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