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Need VPN assistance...bouncing back and forth between support departments

I have a wired connection.  When I am not on VPN, everything is fine.  When I connect to VPN, I get "No Internet Access" and I can no longer access my modem using  (I do have internet access even though my Windows 7 shows I don't).  

Issue started June 22.  All of my corporate VPN firewalls are disabled.

My VPN support dept asked me to go back to my ISP provider.  When I called COX they didn't really even know how to troubleshoot a VPN issue.

I don't know who I should escalate this to or what I can troubleshoot for a support department.  Looking for assistance please.  

  • Cox Tier 2 was able to fix the problem.  The provided me a specific DNS passthru so the traffic would be routed correctly.  

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    I don't know how your VPN is configured but in general a VPN is a tunnel connecting your computer directly to the remote network.  It doesn't surprise me that you can't get to your router since all traffic is routed thru the tunnel.  Your internet access, when connected via the VPN, is through your corporate network, not Cox.  I think what Win 7 is telling you is you don't have internet access via the Cox connection, which is correct, the VPN tunnel is through the Cox connection and internet access is at the other end of the tunnel.

    This is all normal behavior of a VPN, not an issue with Cox HSI.  Again, just a logical guess without knowing the configuration of your network.  I'm surprised your corporate support dept couldn't help you out ... IMHO, they are the ones you should turn to.

    That being said, are you having a functional problem or just a "false" "No Internet Access" message?  From what I can tell from your post, everything is working, just a questionable message.

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    Cox Tier 2 was able to fix the problem.  The provided me a specific DNS passthru so the traffic would be routed correctly.  

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    You can try using the DNS servers /  If your VPN is connecting and working however I don't think this will work.  Traditionally VPN connections disable Internet access by design so as to keep Internet traffic out of the VPN network avoiding the possibility of a man in the middle attack.  If you need to be able to use your Internet and your VPN  at the same time you should ask the VPN provider if they're willing to offer split-tunner VPN.